Service Fees

Contrary to common belief, the payment of commission for Dental or Medical treatment is forbidden by law in Thailand.

That is not to say that some of the less known clinics do not do this. That is how they source their business.
Absolutely Thailand NZ do not promote lower end clinics.

In over 15 years of facilitating dental trips to Thailand, Absolutely Thailand NZ has build a trusted,  strong relationship with the clinics we deal with.

All this knowledge comes under the heading of “intellectual property” and, much as we would love to provide this to you without charge, a fee is payable to ensure the continued viability of Absolutely Thailand NZ.

We charge a service fee of $250 NZD for the first person in the party and $125 NZD for each additional person having dental treatment. If you return to Thailand for further treatment,  please let us assist with your dental appointments,  there is NO SERVICE FEE charged for your subsequent trips back, its complimentary!

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